About Us

Kiya Natural Purified Water from Erer Mountain meets all the standards enacted by the NDWQM (National Drinking Water Quality Monitoring) for bottled water. It accesses the consumers to a safer, cleaner, and healthy source of water.

Kiya Natural Purified Water story goes back to 2017. Today it is connected to hundreds of retail stores in the country. Our bottled water is required by millions for its safety as it has zero potential for any contamination.  Its quality made Kiya at the top of the choice of its customers.

Kiya water is manufactured by distillation, deionization, reverse osmosis, and meets the standard of national bottled water. It is open for frequent tests both by independent labs and by the company’s internal services on daily basis for hundreds of organic and inorganic chemicals. After each lab test, Kiya releases its quality tests so that its consumers have continued access to major information including quality of water, mineral composition, level of bottles, etc.

Safe to drink

Pleasant Taste

Free of Contaminants

Health Properties

Recyclable Containers